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DGS Landscapes offer 2 different fence repair services. We supply and install Concrete Spurs which strengthen the posts and can add life to your fence. Concrete Spurs are designed for the repair of timber posts which have either snapped off at ground level, or rotted away below the surface. They are fitted without moving the post and add strength above and below the surface at a fraction of the cost of a new fence.

We can also repair panels within a stretch of fencing which may have fallen down, become rotten or been vandalised. This means you do not have to install a completly new fence along the full length of your boundary- we only replace the panels and posts that are required. Unfortunately this means that you generally have a mix of old and new fence along your boundary which some people find uneasy on the eye.

What We DON'T Do

DGS Landscapes will NOT erect your fence for you if you have supplied the materials yourself. We pride ourselves on using high quality materials, sourced locally and supporting our community. This ethos ensures that our work is the highest standard. We are not a cheap fix or quick fix company. We ensure our products will last our customer years.


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DGS Landscapes are available to contact during normal office hours and on weekends. We will endavour to get back to you within 24 hours.

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